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 Guðrún Dröfn

I love all kinds of crafts but knitting and sewing the most.  I have been knitting since I was a teenager and started sewing, mostly patchwork and quilting, when I was in a maternity leave with my oldest child, 25 years ago. I started to design and make bags few years ago for myself and as gifts for my friends and sisters.  Then I started to sell them at small knitting gatherings and now here in my online store.  My business is located in my home on the outskirts of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, near to a small lake and a forest that I enjoy taking a walk in. 

Ragnarsdóttir - my brand name

My name is Guðrún Dröfn Ragnarsdóttir, so the name of my brand is my last name.  In Iceland we take our last names after our fathers or mothers first names.  My fathers name is Ragnar and that is way my last name is Ragnarsdóttir.  Dóttir in Icelandic means daughter and Ragnarsdóttir there for means the daughter of Ragnar.  My three sisters last names are for the same reason also Ragnarsdóttir and because my husbands first name is Ragnar, the same as my fathers, my two daughters are Ragnarsdóttir as well.  My son is named Ragnar after his grandfather and father. That is why this is a precious and meaningful name for me and for my business.

About my bags

Each bag is handmade with cotton linen and good quality quilting cotton. It includes a light layer of fusing for more stability, but still keeping the bags soft and flexible.  The lining fabrics are either with a print or a solid colour, chosen to mach and look good with the outside fabrics.  I only make a few items of each type and like to provide a good variety for my customers to choose from.  If you like to wash your bag I recommend washing in a low temperature and use colour catcher sheets to avoid bleeding.

Contact info

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